Escape Proof Dog Crates

Escape proof dog crates are designed especially for playful and energetic dogs. Most dog crates on the market today are made from weak steel, wood or plastic. Dogs will easily tear through this material and escape.

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Crate Training your Pooch


Dogs are part of the family, and they often travel with us; therefore, it is necessary to provide a travel kennel for them. Sometimes your dog might get frighted or irritated and will indeed start to claw and chew their way out of the crate. This is where an escape proof dog crates come in handy. Some people think that crate training your dog is cruel or not humane.

Most would disagree with that and say that crate training is a necessity to train your pooch. Dogs naturally like to seek out a den enclosure to feel safe and secure. A dog crate can operate as a den for your beloved pet that they can run away to at a moments notice. Dogs are pack/den animals by nature and need to find somewhere to sleep and hide.

Escape Proof Dog Crates

heavy duty dog crate

Dog Crates are great as potty training aids as well. Dogs will rarely soil where in the place where they sleep and keeping them in a crate trains them to control their bladder. There is a large amount of escape proof dog crates on the market today. They vary in quality and price. There are great premium dog crates out there that are both lightweight and collapse as well as being very very strong. Mostly, they are made of aluminum and are constructed to a very high standard.

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You do not need to spend lots of cash to get an indestructible dog crate because some excellent value dog crates on the internet are made of heavy standard steel and would make great escape proof crates that are kept in the home only. You only need to spend lots of money if you want heavy duty & portability because the more expensive lightweight materials need to be used.

How to Buy a Heavy Duty Crate


When shopping for heavy duty crates – make sure to check customer reviews thoroughly and take note of all the features. Sizing your dog up for the crate is crucial. You do not want to put your dog in a cramped crate because it is cruel and they will not associate their crate with good thoughts. Always furnish the crate with a warm, comfortable blanket and a toy to ease their boredom while you are away.


Guide to Keeping a Healthy Hamster

Hamsters need to be clean, healthy, and most of all happy. Part of keeping a hamster happy is playing with it daily. Not only does it make them happy, give them exercise, but it also gives you a chance to make sure that your little pet is healthy.

Making Your Selection

When selecting your little friend, you to ensure that the environment that they are in is beautiful and safe. What food is it being fed? What kind of housing is there? Are there any other dangerous animals near? Most of all, what kind of person is selling your hamster?

Your Hamsters Home



A hamster home is usually made of a wire mesh or plastic. This wire mesh should not have too big of holes or too small of holes. If the holes are not just right the hamster may catch its foot in them and may even break their foot. Also, make sure that there are no sharp edges that may cut you or the hamster. It can be ok. To use a large aquarium for you, a hamster’s home. However, be careful, because aquariums do not allow enough air to flow. I do not use those plastic domes/cages because they are too easy to get infection and growth of mold.

If you do decide to use a plastic cage be sure to clean it out daily. Hamsters should have bedding or substrate to keep them warm. It is also nice to put a paper towel roll in the cage. The hamster will chew it up and use it for its bed. It is always nice to use a water bottle for holding water. Some people use crocks/dishes. I recommend not doing this because hamsters like to sit in their food/dish bowls. If they sit in it, their cages will get in it. This is just inviting an infection. It is o.k. to use a crock./bowl for the food. Remember, hamsters do not drink that much water. Don’t get a big bottle and never change it. A smaller bottle is always better.

Keeping Your Hamster Clean

best hamster cage

hamster cage

You do not have to do anything with short hair hamsters. Once in a while, you might want to check for bugs. The long hair hamster should be combed daily to keep any tangles out. If you pet a hamster a lot, they will clean themselves to get your smell and oils off of them.



Complete 7 step guide to cleaning your Degus’s cage

If you want your degu to be happy and clean, make sure to clean his cage regularly.

Clean, and they become unhappy when their cage is filthy. We recommend that you must clean your degu’s cage every one week. You may want to decrease the time if the cage is small. If the cage contains a potty or a toilet that could help you clean it even better. Not cleaning the degus cage could lead to diseases and unhappiness in the degu so make sure you do it regularly. We have included some tips to help you in cleaning your degu’s cage properly.

  1. Make sure to keep the degu in a safe place while you are cleaning his cage. Degus have a habit of roaming around which could lead to danger. Ensure they do not get away to some place where there’s life could be threatened. Also, make sure that there are no predators near him when the degu’s alone.
  2. Take a picture of the cage to remember the arraignment to recreate them successfully after cleaning the cage. Printing the image and using it in later steps can also be a good idea.
  3. To clean the cage completely, firstly remove the items inside the cage like toys, tunnels, and other stuff which could be washed later with hot soapy water. After removing these items, you can only clean the cage without any hazards.
  4. Good wooden beddings and shavings can make sure that the degu’s cage is clean for a long time, and these also help in making it smell better. So, it is a must that all wooden shavings and beddings should be removed before cleaning. Make sure that not even the corners contain wood beddings and shavings. Put them in a plastic bag or some place where it suits you.
  5. Use a mild disinfectant to clean the cage. Make sure it cleans the cage without harming the degu. It is also a must that it does not remove all the scent of the degu from the cage. Degus are very peculiar in recognizing their scent. So, they should have some of their scent remaining so as to feel happy. Many people create their home-made disinfectant using 1 cup of water and 1 cup of vinegar.
  6. After removing the wooden shavings and beddings, replace them with fresh ones. The beddings should provide a whole warm atmosphere to the degu in winter and should also cover the ground of the cage. Make sure to put the bedding in the place where they sleep; most degus are known to arrange their sleeping-place according to their needs.
  7. Place all the toys and accessories of the degu as they were before the cleaning. Use the picture takes in step 2 to help you out. Your degu will love it. Degus are known to arrange their things according to their needs. So, even if you arrange something in the wrong order, they will arrange it rightly. Don’t too much worry about it.

Using these are steps you can provide a very healthy and clean environment to your degu. It will help in making your degu remain happy and healthy for a long time. Moreover, if you follow the steps as mentioned above, it would not be a tough task to do it on a regular basis. One more thing, make sure to replace their food once a day and water when required.

How to Choose the Best Cage for your Hamster


The hamster cage that you choose will be the permanent home of your hamster, so it is important to choose wisely. A good hamster cage should have excellent ventilation for your hamsters to breath fresh air as well as disperse ammonia caused from hamster pee. Another important factor is security. Hamsters are well-known escape artists and can always find the weak spot in your cage to get away. Roborovskis are particularly small and able to squeeze through cage bars and small gaps in the plastic.

Wire-top Hamster Cages

The most typical type of hamster cage is the wire bar type; these hamster cages are popular on Amazon. These consist of a plastic tray covered over by metal bars. Metal bars are typically about 1cm in width making them ideal for an escape-proof hamster home. It is important to buy a good quality cage because poorer qualities ones often have sharp metal edges that can cause injury.

Advantages of a wire bar hamster cage

  • They provide excellent ventilation and air flow for your hamsters to breathe fresh air
  • Cleaning the cage is quite easy, you just remove the tray and empty the substrate into a bin
  • You can attach a hamster wheel to the side bars to keep it from being tipped over or moved
  • You can attach a water bottle from the outside securely.
  • It is easy your access your hamster by opening the cage door and putting your hand inside.

Disadvantages of a wire bar hamster cage

  • In these types of cages, your hamster can easily kick out bedding or substrate onto your floor.
  • Your hamster might like to chew the bars making them excessively noisy.
  • They don’t have great visibility because of the bars.

Glass tanks for hamsters

Another viable option for hamsters is using a glass tank such as a fish tank. They offer excellent visibility of your pets through transparent glass or plastic. There are various sizes on the market, and you can buy them with or without covers. Ventilation can be an issue because only the top is open. It is advisable to make a home-made tank cover with mesh to provide maximum ventilation.

Advantages of glass tanks for hamsters

  • Nearly escape proof if you don’t have any toys that able the hamster to climb to the top
  • No bars for your hamster to chew preventing noise.
  • Great visibility of your pets
  • Disadvantages of glass tanks for hamsters
  • Glass tanks can be very heavy, making it a troublesome time cleaning out your hamster’s habitat
  • Ventilation isn’t as good as bar type cages
  • It’s Difficult to security fix wheels or water bottles to the walls of the tank

Disadvantages of glass tanks for hamsters

  • Glass tanks can be very heavy, making it a troublesome time cleaning out your hamster’s habitat
  • Ventilation isn’t as good as bar type cages
  • It’s Difficult to security fix wheels or water bottles to the walls of the tank

Plastic cages for hamsters

Similar to glass tanks, are the plastic variety made from transparent plastic. These usually come with an assortment of attachments and tubes making them easy to modify.

Advantages of plastic cages

  • They are very expandable and can interchange with other cages using hamster tubes
  • They often come with accessories like a hamster wheel and water bottle
  • They have larger depth plastic trays allowing more bedding and substrate for you to use for your hamster to dig in

Disadvantages of plastic cages

  • Ventilation isn’t great like bar cages
  • Difficult to clean, just like glass tanks
  • Plastic is easy to chew if your hamster is persistent in a particular area or weak spot

DIY Bin Cage

If you are on a budget or want something to do, a bin cage might me something you could look into. Bin cages are modified plastic storage containers converted into hamster cages. You can find a multitude of guides online on how to create a hamster bin cage. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, so you will be spoiled for choice. Be sure to check online for the best prices available. You can get a multitude of hamster cages on Amazon.

It takes a little time to find the perfect cage for your hamster but it is important you invest the time and effort to make your hamster a healthy and happy hamster for as long as possible. Make sure you are buying from an accredited source for peace of mind. Happy hunting for the best hamster cage!

best hamster cage

Roborovski dwarf hamsters

About Robo or Roborovski Dwarf Hamsters

Roborovski hamsters, also known as robo dwarf hamsters, are one of my favorite pets. They are the smallest species of hamsters and are quite energetic at night time in their waking hours. These dwarf hamsters half the size of the larger Syrian hamster, and if you want to compare their size to vegetables, they could look like a tomato. These hamsters tend to be very shy and timid, and this could create a problem for the owner, however with work and effort, they are possible to tame.

Robo Hamster Care

Robo hamsters run very fast and will hide in any corner of the cage before you can even attempt to grab them in your hand. They make excellent pets; you should consider in mind various things and possibilities before buying them. The first condition that you should keep in mind is whether you are buying it for an adult or a young child.

A Winter White or Syrian hamster would make a better pet for children as they are tamer and easier to handle. Roborovskis, being as timid and quick moving as they are – would not be recommended for a children pet. That said, robos can be very loving and affectionate animals to human owners if you take the time to gain their trust.

In this article, we shall put out general info about Robo dwarf hamsters so that you can understand them better and in the end, we will tell you about the costs and benefits that you should consider before buying them.

Origins of Roborovski hamsters

Roborovski dwarf hamsters come from mainly northern China. They are also found in Russia.

Roborovski Hamster Colors

  • Normal (Agouti)
  • Dominant White Face
  • Husky / Recessive White Face
  • Black Eye White
  • Dominant Pied
  • Pied/Piebald
  • Headspot
  • Black Eyed White

Other characteristics

  • They are tiny and have a very small tail.
  • They love to live communally in pairs or small groups, However, in keeping a group together, fighting sometimes occurs.
  • They have long hind legs which help them move very fast.
  • On average, a Robo dwarf hamster can live up to 2 to 3 years. The maximum age of the Roborovski dwarf hamster can go up to 4 years.

Are they sustainable, as pets?

As I said before, they are cute and active, but they are not a good choice for a small child. They can be very timid and quick. Taming them is hard. However, whatever age of the owner, they are certainly lovable to watch. So, if you want a hamster that you want just to watch from a distance, then Roborovski dwarf hamsters can be a nice choice. Now let us talk about the costs and benefits of buying a Roborovski dwarf hamster.


It is a must to understand why we love robo dwarf hamsters. Here are some of the benefits that you will get by buying a Roborovski dwarf hamster:

  • Robo dwarf hamsters are very active and lovable to watch.
  • After some time, they will have a natural bond with you.
  • It is exciting and fun to watch them play with new toys and products that you buy for them.
  • They are extremely sociable and can be kept as pets in pairs or small groups.


After we have looked into the benefits, it’s time to look at the costs. Make sure to consider these costs  before buying a Robo dwarf hamster or any hamster for that matter:

  • Cage  – Roborovskis need cages with a small width between the bars because they are escape artists and can squeeze through the bars.
  • Food – All hamsters need daily feeding. Hamster mix from the pet store is generally quite cheap, and you can supplement your hamsters diet with fresh fruit and vegetables.
  • Toys – Hamsters need toys and hamster wheels in order to stimulate them mentally and give them exercise and maintain physical health. You can buy an assortment of hamster toys online, however those on a budget can make home-made DIY toys such as toilet toll tubes. Robo hamsters love tunnelling and chewing on cardboard!
Roborovski dwarf hamsters

Roborovski hamsters